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Someone Find Her

  • 21st May 2014
  • By Harbir

there are often relationships that people fall in secretly... the ones that others don't ever get to know about.
like what an artist might have with a face... that inspires his dreams and fuels his creativity.
someone he saw sitting in the corner of a coffee shop or at the far end of the street on a
rainy morning. someone sitting across in the subway train journey that din last for more than
a few stops. but those im
pressions remain forever... like a lasting love story. and within an
instant the artist can go back in time to that coffee shop, back on that street... back on that
subway train journey... and he falls in love all over again.

to all of us who've fallen in love and been inspired by strangers on the streets, coffee shops
and train journeys.

someone find her'

- H'