The past few months have been extremely difficult for everybody, everywhere in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world economy, small, medium and large scale businesses and the common man in an unprecedented way, something that nobody was prepared for.

We hope that you and your family has been keeping safe and following all health and safety precautions to stay clear of the spread. We hope we all come out of this pandemic soon and that we come out stronger and wiser to build back our lives, the community and the economy.

Since March 2020, after the province announced self-isolation and quarantine as precautionary measures, all HARBIRZ INC. members have been working diligently from home, to make sure the momentum is kept going for all our clients. COVID has made it extremely important to build and maintain strong communication channels between businesses and customers. Digital marketing and online communications were crucial long before the pandemic, but after COVID, they have become an indispensable resource for every type of business.

The news of many businesses (local and international) shutting down has been heart wrenching. The thought of millions losing jobs and financial stability has been very upsetting and anxiety-inducing. The impact of COVID is felt in every aspect of our lives, personal and professional. And as they rightly say, things will never be the same again.

Fortunately the Canadian government has been proactive and supportive throughout this ordeal and continues to be extend aid in many ways, and we appreciate the Canadian leaders and the authorities responsible. We would also like to acknowledge the relentless sacrifices and hard work of all the front line workers who have put fellow Canadians and communities before their own lives and families, and have gone way beyond to help, provide, protect and support the community. We thank and salute you all.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds here in Toronto as well as in London and Mumbai. We will keep you updated with when we will open for visits. In the meanwhile, we are providing all marketing services to our clients remotely.

Feel free to contact us via Phone at 416-624-1491 or Email

Harbir Singh Dhunna Director, HARBIRZ INC.


A lot has changed for the world in a very short period of time due to COVID-19. With most of the world self-isolating, many under lock-down, economies, large, medium and small businesses brought to a complete halt, millions losing jobs, governments focusing on how to combat the pandemic, the common man has suffered greatly. But history is witness, the human spirit has shown great resilience during times of crisis and communities everywhere have come together to build back the economies.

In the same spirit of community and building local resilience, HARBIRZ INC. is now operating remotely amidst COVID-19 to help support struggling businesses in Canada, United Kingdom and India. Our offices are currently closed for visits but you can reach us via phone, email or video-calling. If your business has been impacted and we can be of any assistance during this time with our marketing, management or consulting services, please contact us we’d love to help. We are closely following official health and safety guidelines to reopening the offices to the community.

HARBIRZ INC. is currently offering Free Consultation to any business owner who is struggling to cope with the crisis. Since the pandemic started and social distancing came into practice, more and more people are looking at digital solutions to carry on the business activities online. We can educate, inform and support you in this transition. We can also help build tools for business owners to carry out marketing and sales activities via web-based services. We are doing our best to deploy all services to those in need at lower, more affordable rates and easy payment plans to enable businesses to harness the power of these tools. We are also offering rebates on our social media marketing packages to help businesses keep their customers informed, updated and serviced.

If your team wants to learn the digital marketplace and configure online sales via many freely available tools, we can help train you so that you can make better designs, create clearer messages, target the correct audience, make smarter decisions and optimize customer interactions and exchanges.

Leave us a message with your contact details and someone from our office will call you right back. We will get through this TOGETHER.

Harbir Singh Dhunna Director - HARBIRZ INC.

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