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I’m Raj Sharda, Real Estate Broker, specializing in first time home buying & self-sustaining investment properties. With 15+ years of personal & professional Real Estate Investment Experience, I have seen almost every scenario. My goal for myself & for my clients is to maximize the potential in the Real Estate so it could lead to financial independence. FI simply means being able to live off the income of your own resources & maintain or improve your lifestyle as you choose. You can take advantage of my rich experience in Real Estate to acquire properties that fit your needs like a hand in a glove. I also help my clients to maximize the sale price of their property by deploying my proven 9-Step Dynamic Marketing Strategy.

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As a seasoned Real Estate Broker, I have gained rich experience over the years working with almost every real estate scenario that you may come across. I have a passion for Coaching & Mentoring Real Estate professionals.It has been my immense pleasure to work with so many new & experienced Real Estate professionals and see them grow. I noticed that most people are eager and enthusiastic about taking their career to the next level, however they feel lost because of a lack of clarity on what & when to do things. They lack a systematic approach which is vital for a successful Real Estate Career.I invite you to book a one-on-one session with me to discuss your goals and strategies for 2021.

Author ‘Pot of Gold’


Raj Sharda is the author of Pot of Gold: Simple Wealth Generating Techniques in Real Estate.
In this book, Raj explains that one can learn about the steps to take to get into real estate and feel comfortable buying and selling properties. Raj is an experienced professional who knows all about venturing into real estate, and what is needed to become successful. Raj’s intention is to help the reader feel confident knowing they too have what it takes to live a stress-free life through real estate. While it may be a tough world when it comes to buying and selling properties, author Raj Sharda makes it clear what has to be done to make your dreams come true!

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      Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first. Luckily we met Raj. He explained how the process works & made the home buying much easier than we had been anticipating. Any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. We both are very happy with our first home and couldn't have been more pleased with the service. We thank you for the time and effort you spent with us, making our first experience as easy as it was! I definitely recommend choosing Raj Sharda as your Realtor to anyone and would not hesitate to use him again for ourselves & all our family & friends.
      by Latif Bolagun & Kizzy
      First Time Home Buyers
      I have been working with Raj for over 7 Years. I am proud of his work ethic and commitment to his work and clients.
      by Sukhwant Thethi
      RBC Mortgage Specialist & Liberal MPP Candidate (Brampton South)
      I work with a lot of Real Estate professionals, it’s part of my job. I have known Raj Sharda for 5+ years now & I can say with confidence that he has good knowledge of ‘What to look for’ when he is helping his clients purchase a property. I also noticed that he is looking out for his client’s interest to make sure they get a good property to call it home & most of the issues are resolved before the actual Sale/Purchase. It is a pleasure to know Raj & work with him, & I would love to continue working with him & his clients. I wish him all the success that he well deserves.
      by Sanjeev Supayia
      Home Inspector
      I know Raj for 10+ years, he has helped me Buy, Sell residential properties with such an ease that the process feels almost hassle-free. I have used his help & guidance for business Lease, Loans & Refinancing my Investment Properties. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly to work with. Raj always uses his expertise to give me & my Referrals the best service. Yes, I send him a lot of Referrals because I know they will be satisfied & happy with the service which in turn increases my credibility.
      by Suhkdev Singh
      Business Owner/Contractor
      Raj is looking out for your interest rather than his own. I met Raj Sharda as a private Buyer when he was selling a property for another client. I showed interest in purchasing the property & was impressed that the deal went very smoothly. Raj kept all his promises to make sure I am satisfied as a buyer while making sure the Seller is getting what he wants a very delicate balancing act performed really well & professionally! Since then, I and Raj have become good friends & I call him occasionally to discuss Real Estate market update. He is up-to-date with the pulse of the market & always gives me the right advice even if it is something that I don’t want to hear. I recommend Raj to Buyers who need to make sure they are buying the right house for them that will serve their needs for years. On multiple occasions, he demonstrated that he works for my interest ahead of his commission interest and I recommend his service.
      by Apurva Patel
      I have bought and Sold a few homes with Raj and have always been thrilled by the results. I have had the pleasure of working with Raj Sharda for the past 5+ years on various renovation projects. It is a challenge to find a knowledgeable Realtor with full-service capability. Raj provides a cost-effective solution for home renovation projects. I could not be more satisfied with the work Raj did as my Real Estate Agent. He is always prompt in answering any questions, proactive in the process of renovation, staging & selling. My results were always more than expected. I recommend Raj to Sellers who want to maximize the proceeds from their home sale.
      by Sandeep Malhotra
      Raj Sharda is a highly professional, humble, polite, sincere and hard working individual. He understands your needs and provides you best solutions. He is a great coach & mentor. And above all he is a great friend and an amazing human being. I highly recommend him for all your Real Estate needs.
      by Dr. Jagmohan Singh
      Working with Raj was great, he is very professional and easy to communicate with. His professionalism reflects his ability to work diligently when meeting goals. I would recommend Raj because of his wise attitude when dealing with clients who are looking to buy/sell/invest in real estate.
      by Rohan Kaushal
      Awesome Service, Awesome Professionalism and No Hassles. Raj you were amazing. Raj couldn't have asked for more
      by Jasminder Sahni
      Raj Dhardha is an amazing coach. He is the Tony Robbins for realtors in GTA .
      by Gurpartap Virk

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