Efficiently managed Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation are key to digital brand success. The market is busy with service providers but only a few can truly live up to the challenges of the competitive market, ad campaign, budget and bids management, and the ever changing and complicated search algorithm updates by Google.

One basic problem that many new and old businesses face is ‘not being found’. Despite having a great product or service, they find it difficult to acquire new customers. This is not only due to a saturated market but also because there is too much ‘marketing noise’ out there and your business doesn’t stand out. And this is true for both online and offline platforms.


HARBIRZ INC. is a digital marketing agency that serves clients across industries, sectors and scales. To guarantee results, we have carefully chosen a team of Google AdWord and SEO experts. We make sure our success rates are phenomenal.

What makes us different from many other companies out there is that our approach towards building brands and digital marketing your products and services is multi-dimensional. Which means we not only make sure you look good on the digital platforms like your website, applications and social profiles but also ensure optimal functionality and profitability. Everything we do brings value to your business in one form or another.

We consult with our clients to get a thorough understanding of their business; products and services, target demographics, previous and current strategies, vision for the future, current branding practices etc. We also undertake a full review of the issues surrounding the website and the business’s key marketing objectives for the year ahead.

We undertake competitor research specific to your industry, identifying who currently occupies your target search landscape, and work out what they have done to get there. We learn how the target consumer is searching for the client’s products or services online. We then perform a comprehensive website audit to identify issues on your current website and seek areas for enhancement.

To understand how we can help your business rise to the top, contact us today!